Emergency Excavation from Fencor

Sometimes, an emergency excavation with a hydrovac is the only way to get the job done right, on time and without the worry of a disaster. It’s usually done to ensure the restoration or continuation of essential services or to preserve an underground structure that shouldn’t be disturbed.

At Fencor, we offer emergency excavation services for commercial properties and construction projects, utilizing the latest industry equipment and our highly trained staff to provide hydro-excavation within 48 hours. We offer reliable and efficient work, working with speed in mind without sacrificing safety. If you have an emergency excavation you need performed as soon as possible, contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help.

Our Hydro Excavation Equipment and Procedures

Fencor has a fleet of fully equipped hydrovacs with long reach (over 1,000’). We employ 6400 CDM vacuums with 6000 psi water displacement and a diesel powered hot water heater. So no matter the condition of the ground, the hardest frozen ground or the softest, finest sand, we can clear it fast.

Hydro Excavation services we offer include:

  1. Excavation of holes for fence posts, sign posts and pillars that are close to underground services such as gas, hydro or fibre-optic cables
  2. Water box repair
  3. Slot trenching, which we do with minimal destruction and ground disturbance
  4. Catch basin clean-out
  5. Excavation around tree roots where hand digging is the only other option

In addition, Fencor will also:

  1. Provide customers with at least one foreman with a minimum of five years industry experience to oversee every crew we send
  2. Ensure our staff is trained to follow and exceed all standard safety practices on your job site