Fencing and Masonry From Fencor

Fencing and Masonry is the core of our business, the industry in which we originally got our start. We’ve expanded to offer a handful of other services, but our heritage remains in masonry fencing. Our staff has over 25 years in cumulative industry experience and we take a service-oriented approach with an emphasis on your satisfaction.

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Initially a company that focused solely on fencing, we have since grown to incorporate a multitude of intertwined services that support each other (and our customers). Whether you’ve fallen behind on a fencing project or are interested in a specific type of masonry columns, our masonry fencing experience can help.

Our Fencing and Masonry Services

Fencor offers the following masonry fencing services:

  1. Fencing – chain link, wrought iron, wood privacy and acoustic fencing
  2. Masonry (masonry columns, masonry features)
  3. Staining
  4. Custom carpentry (trellis pergolas)
  5. Retaining walls
  6. Concrete wall systems (precast concrete fence)
  7. Signature brick and stacked stone

Our Precast Concrete Wall Systems

Our StoneTree concrete wall system comes with several benefits, including:

  1. High quality engineered precast concrete utilizing natural stone and architectural formed finishes for a long-lasting, multi-purpose system
  2. Combo-cast technology, allowing us to produce and install a competitively priced StoneTree system that competes with cedar fences including custom masonry and precast pillars
  3. StoneTree Patented Panel and Column Design. A rigid footing support system at the center of the column, offering added strength, safety and stability, with the wall and column segments supported by 10mm galvanized steel I-beams and engineered to withstand a 150 km wind load and meet and exceed your local building codes, including seismic activity
  4. Multi-purpose functionality for commercial, residential and industrial projects, including sound barriers, security walls and boundary walls
  5. A formed finish with intricate detail on both sides
  6. A minimum 50 year life style
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