Fencor: Your Source for Safe, Fast Hydro Excavation

Fencor offers reliable hydro excavation for any property, focusing on safe, fast and precise work that’s done on time and with customer satisfaction at the forefront of every job. Our industry leading equipment and trained, experienced staff are exactly what you need to get your job moving.

We ensure projects are done with speed in mind but we’ll never sacrifice quality and safety for a rushed job. We’ll beat your deadline, and we’ll do it safely every time.

We use pressurized water to soften and break up the ground and remove the debris with a high powered vacuum unit. This allows us to safely dig under any ground conditions without damaging the surrounding area or any buried sensitive utilities such as water, sewers, gas or hydro. Our operators are also trained to dig safely without exposing themselves, our team, other contractors and the general public to hazards.

The safest way to excavate on any site, even remote sites more than 1,000′ from vehicle access.
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Our Hydro Excavation Equipment and Services

All of the trucks in Fencor’s fleet are equipped with standard setting technology. We employ a 6400 CFM vacuum with 6000 psi water displacement and diesel powered hot water heater, so we can excavate safely regardless of weather or frozen ground.

Our hydro excavation services include:

  1. Excavating holes for fence posts, sign poles and pillars near underground services such as gas, or fibre-optic cables
  2. Trenching
  3. Daylighting
  4. Water box repair
  5. Cleaning out of catch basins
  6. Excavating around tree roots and offering new tree installation where necessary

With our gear, we’re able to work 1,000′ feet away from our truck on your job site, helping us accommodate working conditions and job sites with limited accessibility.