Quality Hydro Excavation Equipment for Quality Results

The right tool for the right job: it’s a phrase that applies to just about every industry, and hydro excavation equipment is no exception. That’s why Fencor brings you the latest, high quality hydro excavation trucks for every project, allowing us to bring your business safe, fast service.

Hydro excavation is the best way to excavate in challenging locations, like those that are near utilities. Since expanding our operations to include hydro excavation in 2007, we’ve worked on hundreds of job sites, so we understand the challenges and obstacles that come with working in this industry. That’s also why we understand the difference quality equipment can make.

Our Hydro Excavation Equipment

Whatever the job requires, we’ve got the right equipment to get it done in a fast and overcome any bumps we hit along the way

Our main hydro excavation equipment includes:

  1. Vac Truck / Hydro Excavation Trucks: We have a 6400 CFM vacuum with 6000 psi water displacement and diesel powered hot water heater, which allows us to safely and efficiently excavate, regardless of weather or frozen ground. We can also work 1000′ away from our truck, allowing us to accommodate work sites with limited accessibility
  2. Trenching Machine: This allows us to dig trenches quickly and precisely

Putting Safety First

Working on site with hydro excavation equipment requires a thorough understanding of safety risks. In order to ensure our team, any additional contractors and the general public are kept safe during every job, Fencor:

  1. Ensures there is at least one foreman with a minimum of five years industry experience sent out with every crew
  2. Ensures our staff is trained to follow and exceed all standard on site safety practices