About Fencor: Our Hydrovac Services and Commercial Construction

Fencor provides hydrovac services with the knowledge that this industry requires the right equipment, the right team and a focus on safe, effective work that’s delivered on time.

We started out in 2004 as a small fencing and masonry company, and have since grown to a provider of hydrovac, concrete sound barriers and complete fencing and masonry service. We utilize our fleet modern hydro excavation trucks and consistently work to exceed the deadlines our clients set without sacrificing quality.

Whether you need long-reach hydrovac services of 1,000’ away from the nearest access point or emergency excavation along the side of the road, fencing placed at a crucial point in construction to meet municipal bylaws or concrete sound barriers to dull the sounds of a busy roadway, we can get it done.

What We Do

At Fencor, our focus is on the following three areas:

  1. Hydro Excavation (hydrovac)
  2. Concrete Sound Barriers
  3. Fencing & Masonry

We strive to set ourselves apart to ensure you don’t just get another dime-a-dozen contractor. When you work with Fencor, you get more than you will from our competition.

  1. Fast, precision hydrovac excavation
  2. An extended reach from our truck to the job site – up to 1,000′ or more
  3. A team that utilizes modern equipment for the best results
  4. Adaptive, eye-catching and durable fencing and masonry designs – we can reproduce any style
  5. 2-sided concrete barriers – more complete and visually appealing than the industry-standard single sided barriers
  6. Emergency excavation where ever and whenever you need it
  7. Same business day response to any communications on our website

It’s our goal to provide you with fast, superior hydrovac and fencing services, outstanding customer convenience and satisfaction, and a final result that goes above and beyond your expectations.

Contact Us Today to Book Our Hydrovac Services or Anything Else

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