Hydro Excavation Safety

At Fencor, Hydro excavation safety is something we take seriously for everybody on site. From our own workers to other contractors and the general public, everybody needs to be safe on or near the job site.

We understand that with any construction project, commercial or residential, short-term or long-term, big or small, there are always concerns about how safe the process will be and how much risk there is to those involved or near the site.

With hydrovac excavation, these questions and concerns will no doubt arise. We know many customers can have concerns about trenching safety, and we want you to know we always place a high priority on safety for every project. We use the latest equipment and have a team of experienced operators that know the proper procedures to ensure safety is as important as the completion of the job itself.

Proper Equipment & Trained Staff for Safe Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation safety begins with the right equipment and a highly trained and experienced staff that understands how to maintain a safe project from start to finish. At Fencor, we:

  1. Use pressurized water to soften and break up the ground
  2. Remove the debris with a vacuum unit, allowing us to safely dig under any ground conditions
  3. Do not damage the surrounding area or any buried sensitive utilities, such as water, sewer, gas or hydro
  4. Hire experienced operators and train them to dig safely without exposing themselves or others to the dangers of hitting buried utilities, avoiding injury, liability and expensive repair costs

These methods allow us confidence in hydro excavation safety, and help maintain an efficient procedure from start to finish, giving our clients quality work and peace of mind throughout their entire project.